Owens Store, Circa 1900, Dooly County

This community landmark has the appearance of a gabled-ell house and has an unusual floor plan for a store. It appears to be in good overall condition.







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6 responses to “Owens Store, Circa 1900, Dooly County

  1. Victor McGough

    I just looked on my map of Dooly County and found Owens Store Road. It is east of Pinehurst almost in the next county. I’m not sure if I ever went by the store or stooped there during my many summers in Dooly County. Thanks for the information.

  2. Charles Lott

    Could part have been the store and rest living quarters?

  3. Yvonne F Jensen

    Thank you for your pictures. My family the Fitzgeralds and Owens were settlers from that area. I always look forward to your post and have learned so much about them thru your pictures.

  4. Victor McGough

    Where in Dooly County is the store located?

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