Owens Store, Circa 1900, Dooly County

This community landmark has the appearance of a gabled-ell house and has an unusual floor plan for a store. It appears to be in good overall condition.


6 thoughts on “Owens Store, Circa 1900, Dooly County

  1. Victor McGough

    I just looked on my map of Dooly County and found Owens Store Road. It is east of Pinehurst almost in the next county. I’m not sure if I ever went by the store or stooped there during my many summers in Dooly County. Thanks for the information.

  2. Yvonne F Jensen

    Thank you for your pictures. My family the Fitzgeralds and Owens were settlers from that area. I always look forward to your post and have learned so much about them thru your pictures.

    1. Connie Chalker May

      It is located on Owen store Road in Dooly County . It was a general store and grist mill. This property belonged to my family.


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