Mount Cavalry Baptist Church & Cemetery, Ben Hill County

Mount Cavalry Baptist Church is an historic African-American congregation in Ben Hill County and has an equally historic cemetery. Many members of this venerable church served our nation in the armed services, with veterans of both world wars, Korea, and Vietnam among them.

The following photographs from the cemetery are presented in no particular order.

Henry William Fair (13 February 1861-16 July 1958) Headstone. Mr. Fair, a Mason, was memorialized with a headstone, and a footstone in the shape of a cross. There are several other vernacular monuments in the cemetery, as well.
H. W. Fair (13 February 1861-16 July 1958)
Cornetta Fair (11 April 1894-1 April 1970)
A. Mardella Dixon (12 January 1881-15 February 1926)
Melcena Hill (10 October 1897-8 July 1922)
Mandy Andrews (1832/1833-20 April 1918)
Mrs. Jimmie Lee Hunter Matthews (24 August 1926-4 April 1991)

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