New Daniels Baptist Church, Dodge County

This congregation was established in 1905, and the church was probably built soon thereafter. It’s my guess that New Daniels (also referred to as New Daniel) was an offshoot of the Old Daniel Baptist Church. Relatives of my great-grandmother [Bohannon and Harrell families] were members at Old Daniel, but unfortunately, I can’t find any history of either congregation. I will update if I learn more.

5 thoughts on “New Daniels Baptist Church, Dodge County

  1. Joseph R Sumner Jr

    Mercer University library used to house histories of all on the old churches in Georgia. You might want to check and see if they have this church on file.

  2. Robert Graham

    There was a very nice watermelon patch between Mr. Floyd Harrell’s Store and New Daniels Baptist Church, I know it had some delicious watermelons.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Robert, my mother remembers Floyd’s store. I think he was a cousin of my great-grandmother. Do you know anything about the old collapsed brick store-like building down New Daniels Church Road?


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