Evergreen Primitive Baptist Church, Queensland

This is one of three congregations located within a few hundred yards of each other in the Queensland community. I hope to share more history soon.


2 thoughts on “Evergreen Primitive Baptist Church, Queensland

  1. Dorothy Stewart Blount

    Hello Brian, somehow I lost contact with you. Just finished talking to my brother Owen Stewart who lives here in Maryland where I live. He can give you more history on Queensland Community.

  2. Dorothy Stewart Blount

    Brian, this church is where my family cemetery is located behind the church. My father, Deacon Charlie Stewart helped to build this church, the old church right next door to
    it serves as a dining area, Bro, Elder Jasper Stewart, Elder Charlie Stewart, Jr. , Deacon Ezzard C Stewart are all buried there. My surviving bro Deacon John O Stewart and wife Linda still live in Queensland Community on Lee-McKenzie Dr.
    Other families buried there are Staleys, Spearmans, Turners, Rushings, O’Neal, and many, many others..


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