Mountaintop Missionary Baptist Church, Queensland

As I’ve noted before, the Queensland community in northern Ben Hill County was settled before the county seat of Fitzgerald.

The church dates to the early 1880s at the latest, a typical foundational time for churches in Freedmen’s communities.

The church is one of the most historic and perhaps the most significant surviving African-American religious structure in Ben Hill County. It is well maintained.

The stained glass windows and the steeple are distinguishing architectural features of the church.

Mountaintop Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

The earliest known burials at Mountaintop date to the early 1880s, which is typical of churches established in the first generation after Emancipation. These are representational and not meant to be complete.

Artee Williams (16 August 1900-11 May 1902)
Deacon M. B. Coffee (12 October 1857-24 August 1915)

Deacon Coffee was the Treasurer of the Ocmulgee Baptist Association, with which Mountaintop was affiliated at the time.

Lonnie Brown (7 April 1879-11 June 1963)

Lonnie Brown was one of the leaders of the Queensland community throughout his life and one of the main roads in the neighborhood bears his name today.

Stewart Family
James Charlton & Eva Charlton
Avary Tarlova
Amy Staley (d. 3 March 1953)
Rosa Hughes (15 February 1891-19 July 1977)

4 thoughts on “Mountaintop Missionary Baptist Church, Queensland

  1. Cara Cobb

    Queensland is a historic area. Still hidden. “Back in the day” I drove Fitzgerald’s Carnegie Library’s bookmobile to Queensland, parked, allowed children to check out books and read them stories.


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