Ezzard Building, 1952, Lawrenceville

The sign in front of this building at the corner of the courthouse square notes: Dr. Webster Price Ezzard was one of Lawrenceville’s most notable and recognized residents. A reliable and trusted country doctor, he served the community for over 60 years from his office on the town square, in the rear of the Jones Pharmacy Building, later Montfort Drugs. Dr. Ezzard delivered babies and made house calls for only $20. He charged his patients based on their ability to pay, often dispensing his services for free to people in need. Known for never taking a vacation, Dr. Ezzard was quoted as saying, “Retirement will come about two days before I go to the cemetery.” Dr. Ezzard’s drugstore soda fountain also provided a social setting for the young people of Lawrenceville. From the 1940s thru the 1960s, teens would gather for Coca Colas, malts, and dance the jitterbug to rock and roll. Dr. Ezzard’s son George took up the medical practice after his father’s death in 1963 at the age of 83. One of Dr. Ezzard’s most famous deliveries was 1949-51 Heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles.

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