The Lawn Ranger, McRae

I photographed this truck in 2010. It’s still one of my favorites and a good example of the ingenuity of our small-town businesses. It definitely got my attention.

6 thoughts on “The Lawn Ranger, McRae

  1. godsgrace704

    I’m Misty Ussery just a note Brewers, Ussery’s, Johnson’s, Collins, Rawlings and Rawlins, Hollingsworth, Atkins, Atkins, Purvis’s and Atkinson, the Coley’s & Cooley’s and the Brown’s are related my GGG Grandma is Sarah Brown

  2. Gail Clements

    I think that truck is parked in front of The Pecan Co-op in McRae,Ga. My Aunt Myrtle Coley would go there to have her own pecans cracked, to be shelled, by herself. I question this, so if anybody remembers please add some history.


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