Brickyard Branch, Long County

Brickyard Branch is located on the edge of Ludowici, bordering both sides of US Highway 301. It’s part of the Altamaha River floodplain.

It’s named for the brick and tile yard of the Ludowici Celadon Company, which in turn gave the town its name, early in the 20th century.

Branch is another term for swamp [or creek]. A typical Southeast Georgia landscape, reminiscent of the Okefenokee Swamp, it’s characterized by brackish streams, ponds, and prairies.

Though not a publicly accessible area, it can be viewed from the highway right of way in several locations.

No other river in Georgia that I know has floodplains as extensive as the Altamaha, which reach over ten miles from Jesup to Ludowici.

It’s very important for wildlife and native plants, many of which are found in greater numbers here than almost anywhere else.

Most of the area is protected, be it by wildlife management areas or private ownership.

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