Mud Bogging, Ware County

Muddin’ Truck, US Highway 84, 2010

This vehicle was always a landmark for me, and served as an advertisement for a local Mud Bogging* event. It was parked on the right hand side of US 84 past Ruskin, heading from Waycross to Homerville, for many years. I think it’s gone now.

*-Mud Bogging, AKA Mudding, Bogging, etc., has grown from a backyard hobby into a big business. It’s perhaps most popular in Florida, but is a big deal in these parts, too, truly a part of the local folklife. At first it was just done with trucks, often specially rigged for the job, but now is very popular with ATVs and custom rigs. I’m not sure about Waycross, but I know Florida actually has races with some of the custom rigs, known as Swamp Buggies.


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