Lighthouse Grill Family Restaurant, Berrien County

The Lighthouse Grill reminds me of the quirky roadside architecture popular in the 1930s and is a landmark when I’m traveling in the area. I haven’t eaten here but it gets good reviews. It’s actually located way out in the country, on Georgia Highway 37, at the Berrien/Lanier County line


2 thoughts on “Lighthouse Grill Family Restaurant, Berrien County

  1. David Royals

    All the old stuff is slowly disappearing around Berrien and Lanier counties….I grew up here and was born in hahira Georgia another small town west of Berrien and Lanier… it’s part of neibering lowndes co…. Teeterville is where I grew up and still reside there 56 years later…things haven’t changed a whole lot…but the neighbors have. My family all live within 10 miles or less…and part of my brother’s inlaws owned the lighthouse grill at one time…but it was a bar namsilver dollar…. Rays millpond is behind it about a half mile and some of the biggest gators live there…..and the cafe there is one of the best that 8 know of!!? My grandfather raised seven head of kids on that pond and farming the land up to it….love it here…. David Royals


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