Oaky Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Berrien County

Oaky Grove Primitive Baptist Church was constituted on 22 February 1890 as a member congregation of the Brushy Creek Association. Elder John Churchwell was the Moderator. Founding members were: David S. Robinson; Nancy F. Robinson; David M. Robinson; Melissa Robinson; Eliza Baker; Martha Baker; Peter C. Lastinger; Joanna Lastinger; Elder Jacob Young; Elder John Churchwell; and Fredonia Churchwell. It was constituted in the Union Association on 9 August 1929.

The church and cemetery property were given to the congregation by David S. Robinson in consideration for the love of the dead and the Church of God, on 26 March 1904. I’m unsure, considering this fact, if the church building dates to circa 1890 or 1904. It’s an unusually decorative example among the Primitive Baptist churches I’ve encountered in South Georgia and a real landmark in this sense. The church yard and cemetery are very well-maintained.

This information was taken from the granite marker [visible at right in above photographs] placed by descendants of David S. & Nancy Robinson in 1974.


2 thoughts on “Oaky Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Berrien County

  1. Cheryl Hendricks

    My great grandparents attended that church. Most of their family was buried there; it’s a beautiful church.

  2. Carol Quickle

    This is the church my grandmother attended as a young girl. She used to tell me of her adventures walking to services with her mother. My great grandparents are buried in the cemetery.


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