Air-Maze Fallout Shelter Vent, Fitzgerald

fitzgerald ga air maze fallout shelter vent cold war photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2008

During the Cold War, many Americans feared nuclear annihilation. As a result, some built fallout shelters (also called bomb shelters)  in their backyards. These survive in scattered locations, but many have been removed or destroyed. They are an interesting remnant of an unsure time in our history as a nation.


3 thoughts on “Air-Maze Fallout Shelter Vent, Fitzgerald

  1. Roy M.Young Jr

    My grandfather was born in Ocilla in 1914, but I’m from just outside Washington,DC.
    The house next to where my mom grew up (in Md.) had a bomb-shelter.
    When I tell my teenage kids about it theyre amazed and kinda stunned how things were then. Potential nuclear holocaust and such…….

  2. drtrd Post author

    Thanks for the insightful comments Luther! I just thought this was a neat relic of that time as well, and you don’t see backyard fallout shelters too often these days.

  3. Luther Panic

    Nice photograph. It evoked memories of our nations struggle against the evil of communism and, of course, our sane reaction to this threat. I knew that my small, still voice was correct; the Reds did make the capture of Ben Hill county a priority.


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