H & K Hardware, Ray City

ray city ga h k hardware photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2008

4 thoughts on “H & K Hardware, Ray City

  1. Chris Clements

    Before Howell Harpe had the building my uncle Elibe Jefferson used it as a grocery store after his burned down in 1969. Dad’s store was on the left, Aunt Sara Clements had the dry goods store in the middle, and Uncle Elibe’s Grocery store on the right.

  2. Tammy Moore

    My daddy Howell Harpe owned this building along with the grocery store and the old brick masonic building.
    I was googling and I ran across your site.

  3. Glenn Elkins

    My name is Glenn Elkins and Im from Ray City Ga. My precious mother is buried in Nashville Betty Fender. I live in Abilene Tx. now but I miss them old Ga. piney woods. My daughter lives with her mother in Valdosta. God do I miss my Georgia!


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