Anderson Service Station, Rhine

rhine ga anderson service station photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2008


3 thoughts on “Anderson Service Station, Rhine

  1. Marilyn Harbin

    This is my Uncle Roy’s place. I can remember when my Grandaddy started this station and we would come up to help pump gas- Long, long ago! It will always hold good memories for all our family. Uncle Roy has retired and Granddaddy and Granny are in another world now but Rhine will always be where we came from.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I need to get a better shot of the place, but it’s a tough angle and you know how busy the highway is right there…:-) I do love this old station, though. Glad to have contact with the family! I hope one of these days to put some of these remembrances together with the photographs in a publication of some sort…

  2. Jessica

    I have looked through your website and am very impressed!! You’ve been everywhere haha. I thought to myself, ” No way has he been to lil’ old Rhine!” But here it is. The old station. I remember always going there with my step-father and while he sat on the bench outside with other old timers I would wander barefoot(always) to the back of the store to “play”(bug the heck out of) the minnows and crickets.

    Good times. Thanks for reminding me. 😀


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