Tin Cafe, 1940s, Poulan

Hugh Harris West recalls that this was a “tin cafe” during the 1940s and 1950s. I’m unsure what other uses it’s had over the years. It could have been a barber/beauty shop at some point, too.


5 thoughts on “Tin Cafe, 1940s, Poulan

  1. Maryanne Boss Simmons.

    I flipped burgers in the little yellow cafe. Mr Gray’s grocery was next to it on 1 side and Carters was on the other. Mr Grays was the only grocery for most of my growing days. My mother would buy a few things from the Gray’s store but, we ate what we grew to eat .i was born in my grandfathers house on Pepper Street. I am now 88 years old.

  2. A.T.

    This little building once had a gas pump out in front of it. I had forgotten, but my mom told me it did. Kerosene was sold inside as well as other small fuels. It was like a small gas station back in the day.

    1. Hugh Harris West

      I am from Poulan and 74 years old. I never recall a gas pump in front. It was a little “tin cafe” during the 40’s and 50’s. There was a little ice house nest to it and a “loafer’s bench”. There was a gas pump down on the corner in front of the old two story building that was Mr. Goodman’s Drug Store. In the early days, drug stores were only allowed to sell gasoline I believe. There was Mr. Alton Gray’s Grocery store to the right of the little tin cafe that did have an outside kerosene tank. I worked there and as a child.

      1. Maryanne Boss Simmons

        The gas pump was in front of the drug store. You pulled up in the proper place and pumped the gas up into a glass globe and then put the nozzle into the car tank and it went in by gravity 9

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