Albany & Northern Railway Depot, Warwick

Removed from its original location in an effort to preserve it, this served Warwick for much of the early 20th century. It was built between 1895-1910, as these were the operating years for the Albany & Northern Railway. Thanks to Rusty Hardin for the information. Rusty’s grandfather, Monroe Stripling [of Stripling’s Sausage & Meats fame], was the man who saved this structure.


5 thoughts on “Albany & Northern Railway Depot, Warwick

  1. Rusty Hardin

    My Grandfather bought/took this building from the City of Warwick to this/his farm after the rairoad discontinued service from Cordele to Albany. His name A.M. Stripling, Monroe to most, WoWo to the grandkids. When we first moved it out there we had fish fries and potluck dinners there. Seems like some Lions or Rotarian meetings might have been held there too. Sold fresh vegetables in season. Last use I remember is that it was an antique shop whose owners, basically left without notice, never to be heard from again. Antiques might have been a little too generous of a term for what they sold and/or left behind. It is right next door to the old Stripling’s Sausage Kitchen, forerunner of Stripling’s General Store. A shame, it is largely in original condition and slowly deteriorating away.

    1. drtrd Post author

      So glad your grandfather saved this depot! It is certainly a treasure…Warwick is one of my favorite places in this part of South Georgia!

      1. Gary Smith

        Have seen it slowly deteriorate for years on our trips from Greenville SC to Tallahassee. Always wanted to stop and take pictures , but either lack of time or weather didn’t allow it. Last year, on the way back from my brother’s funeral, I finally stopped and took about a dozen pics. Sad to see a part of history in such condition. We love stopping at Striplings!

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