Lilly Baptist Church, 1905

This beautiful church was built by a local man, Perry G. Busbee, who was the father of Governor George Busbee.

Lilly Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


4 thoughts on “Lilly Baptist Church, 1905

  1. Marcia L Hawley

    Looking at this picture brings back many pleasant memories of Easter’s, Church reunions, and summer sundays attending services, sharing meals, and playing in the grave yard while learning of my “Lilly” roots buried there. I also can’t help but think of those beautiful stained glass windows rattling as the trains roared past. Sadly there are no longer any “Lilly’s” who live there full time, though Kay Lilly Clark maintains her childhood home (Nelley and Louis Lilly). I live in Norh Carolina now and have meet several Lilly’s but one day hope to attend the Lilly Family Reunion in West Virginal. I know there is family of Lilly in Valdosta, Ga but last time I asked I could not get clear answer to their relationship with those us is in the Vienna area. Hope to find answer’s soon.

    1. L. Victor McGough, San Diego

      Great to see a reply to the church. I am Kay Lilly Clark’s cousin. I would spend my childhood summers with my Aunt Nelley Lilly in Lilly and my aunt and uncle, Robert and Doris Harman, in Unadilla. When my aunt Nelley married Louie she became a Baptist so every Sunday that I was there we would go to the Baptist Church. I took my daughter there and we both attended church there one Sunday. Nelley’s memorial service was held there in 1999 which i attended. There was one male Lilly left, John Lilly, but he died in a farm accident sometime in the nineties. I know he had two sons and that his wife remarried. Could be one of them lives in Valdosta. I had several relatives in Lilly. My great uncles, Hugh, Oscar, Tom and my paternal grandfather John Eely. He owned the store across from the postoffice at one time. I have met Kay and her sister Johnnye, now deceased, many times in Lilly. Kay and I keep in contact to this day. If I have not bored you and you would like to swap information about Lilly, please let me know.


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