Third Ward School, 1915, Fitzgerald


1 thought on “Third Ward School, 1915, Fitzgerald

  1. Ernest (Ernie) Fordham

    My family moved from Albany GA to Fitzgerald in 1952 when I was in the 4th grade and I attended 3rd Ward school. I was in Mrs. Gerganous’ class and I remember she lived right across the street from the school. There was no lunch room so you either had to bring your lunch or go home. I learned to hate bologna sandwiches!!!!! I remember my 7th grade teacher was Mrs. Hathaway and she loved to smack you with a 12 inch ruler if you misbehaved. Recess was great with many good softball or football games. Wonderful memories. Most of the classmates went all the way through high school together. My family moved back to Albany when I was a Junior in High School, but I still here from old friends in Fitzgerald.


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