Dairy Cream, Richland

5 thoughts on “Dairy Cream, Richland

  1. Lorine Whipkey Bridges

    I worked at the Dairy Cream at age 11 up until age 17. I was taught great work ethics from my parent Richard and Sue Whipkey. I thank them for those lessons and to Mr Walter Skellie, thank you for hiring me at such a young age.

  2. Beth McCombs

    We lived in Columbus and visited my Aunt and Uncle in Dawson. On the way home my mama had to stop and get us all a soft serve vanilla on a cone! It’s was always so good!

  3. Susan

    Over the railroad tracks and under the water tower is the Dairy Cream in Richland that was always a stopping place on the way to the farm. We lived in Columbus, GA and traveled to Weston, GA to my dad’s family farm. The highway goes around Richland today. My dad’s laid to rest at the cemetery in Weston, GA. The family farm continues.


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