Craftsman Farmhouse, Sycamore

sycamore ga craftsman farmhouse photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009


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8 responses to “Craftsman Farmhouse, Sycamore

  1. Vicki West Marshall

    I’m interested in knowing who actually currently owns Sconyers Gin. My husband and I were in Sycamore and Ashburn recently to visit/care for family graves. My family (Hasty, Christian, Coker, West relatives) belonged to the Sycamore Methodist Church and Mrs. Cortez was always a beloved member of the Sycamore community

  2. D. Foster

    Cortez Henderson Sconyers was married to Grady Sconyers. They owned a cotton gin and much property in Turner Co. She passed away many years ago but has a sister in law still living in a nursing home in Fitzgerald. Also a niece and nephew still living. The gin still passes out scholarships to children of workers. The plantation home is still there in Sycamore.

  3. Kathy Hunt

    Hello, My husband visited Sycamore Ga apx. 35 years ago. Ha stayed with a relative who had first name of Cortez. There was also an older relative named Masey who was almost blind. They lived in the family property a former plantation. They may have owned a former cotton mill. Maseys wife was Helen. This family was a big name in this area at the time. He would love to find more information on this family and hopefully visit the area again. We will be visiting S.C. this spring. We now live in NY. Some of this information may be incorrect. Most family with any memories of this family are now gone.

    • Sarah Mastrario Cook

      That sounds like the Mrs. Cortez Sconyers. She has passed, but the Sconyers Gin Company is still going strong today.

    • Bill Adams

      Cortez (Henderson) Sconyers was my first cousin.Her mother Bert Adams Henderson was one of the older of 12 children. My father Andrew Adams was one of the younger. Bert and Alf Henderson lived across the street from the old homestead and my father and Cortez were the same age and grew up together. I spent many childhood summers with Bert, Cortez and Grady. Massey was the oldest Adams boy and was married to Helen. Cortez took care of them in their later years as they had no children or other family. Cortez and Grady lived with “Miss” Bert for many years and renovated the house you spoke of sometime in the late 1940’s.
      Bill Adams

    • Bill Adams

      Kathy, Although this post is several years old, If you are still interested let me know, and I can fill you in on the family history. Cortez was my first cousin-her mother my Dad’s sister.

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