Martin’s Grocery, Bridgeboro

This was originally owned by the Crenshaw family. It was a popular place with farmers doing business at nearby Brown Milling Company.


7 thoughts on “Martin’s Grocery, Bridgeboro

  1. Shaun

    I am Shaun Martin, Ms Martins grandson and I was thrilled to find this pic. My brother, Clay and I absolutely loved spending summers and vacations in Bridgeboro. We both have so many fantastic memories from there. I wish Janette was still alive so I could keep visiting her store and could see all my old friends like Shannon, Bobby, Marny, the Wooten boys. I really miss everyone there.

  2. Bill

    I used to stop in for a Mountain Dew at Mrs Martin’s store when I picked up hog feed at Brown Milling Company. I took my kids by there for a soft drink and candy and they still remember the last time we stopped before the store closed.

  3. Suzanne peterman newsom

    As a teenager, I dipped ice cream for field workers for Mr. Crenshaw The job did not last very long …Mr. Crenshaw thought I put too much ice cream in the cones.

    My mother Irene Barksdale Peterman was postmaster in Bridgeboro for 30 years. Her family were early settlers of What is now Worth County.

    1. Jack Williams

      I, too, remember when this was Crenshaw’s Store and when Mrs. Peterman was the postmaster. She would meet the jitney that ran thru Bridgeboro each am and pm, round trip from Albany to Moultrie, picking up and sending out the mail. And I remember Suzanne and her family. My grandmother was Lula D. Jackson and her family was also early settlers in Isabella, Red Rock and Bridgeboro where I lived with her from early to mid ’50’s.
      Jack Williams

  4. brandon

    I grew up down the street from martins grocery and knew mrs. martin. I will always cherish my childhood memories in bridgeboro.


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