Zebulon Theatre, 1936, Cairo

Mrs. Ethel Blanton opened the Zebulon on 15 April 1936 . She named it Zebulon in honor of her husband, Zebulon Blanton. It was sold to the Dunn Family Theatres  in 1950 and again to Larry Bearden in 1973. Mr. Bearden operated it until 2000, at which time it was purchased by the Community Foundation of South West Georgia. It’s still open and shows recent movies.

It’s the oldest single-screen theatre in operation in Georgia.

Cairo Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Zebulon Theatre, 1936, Cairo

  1. lloyd Gary wright

    Attending the movie on Friday night at the Zebulon Theatre was a family affair in the 1940’s when I was a small boy and later I got my first girlfriend smooth in the 1950’s at the Zebulon. Wow how time fly’s by but pleasant memories are still around.

  2. Earl Mathews

    I was there when the Zebulon theater was being built. It was the first air conditioned building I ever saw. Of course I’m 84 years old.


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