Attapulgus Methodist Church, 1928


It’s believed that John Slade, a missionary from South Carolina, organized this congregation around 1830 and served as its first pastor. The first building was erected in 1869.  Ground was broken for the present church in 1927 and it was dedicated on 17 April 1928, by Bishop William N. Ainsworth. More history can be found at the website of the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church.


4 thoughts on “Attapulgus Methodist Church, 1928

  1. Tami Benton

    I’m glad to see Attapulgus getting exposure. For a small rural community, families did well because of the traffic and exposure brought on by the local corporation Engelhard (now BASF). Sadly, with the economic down turn and the sell of Engelhard the community has lost almost all its vigor. Even so, it’s RICH in history… and Attapulgite =) (mineral that’s mined by BASF), although many of the residents have moved on.

  2. Nicole Wingate

    Its funny, I’m also a photographer interested in the changing American landscape. However, I found this site while doing research on my family in the Attapulgus area. Many of my family lived in disappearing rural communities. Thank you for documenting this before there is no trace at all.


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