Pretoria, Georgia

pretoria ga country store photograph copyright brian brown vanishiing south georgia usa 2010

5 thoughts on “Pretoria, Georgia

  1. Jessica

    My parents live on Tarva Road in Pretoria, this is all that is left of the former town. Down the road Pretoria was saved by Sherwood School, most of the historic landmarks are in that part of town.

      1. Jessica

        I think that it was a store/filling station, however it could have been used for other things. I know that the building beside it was a general store. Pretoria Station has been closed for many years…my parents can’t even recall it being open! I have done some research my self, but I have only come to dead ends. I did talk to an older professor of mine who lived in the area at the time it was in operation, but he said that all he could remember about the town was getting milk from the milkman. (It came from a now demolished dairy in Baker Co.) I think Winfield Plantation owns it now.

  2. rickster56

    As a boy, I lived about a mile east of this building on the Leary Rd. There was an independent grocery store on the adjacent corner. The land we lived on belonged to St. Joe Co. and is now a private plantation.


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