Newington United Methodist Church, 1916

The railroad came to Newington in 1909, the same year the town received its charter. As there was no church in the town, the Methodists began holding Sunday School, first in a shack, and then after it burned, on the platform of the railroad depot. By 1913, efforts were underway to fund the construction of a church and it was formally dedicated in 1916.

5 thoughts on “Newington United Methodist Church, 1916

  1. Zandra Perkins Overstreet

    There is a movement to restore several historical properties in Newington. If you are interested in being a part of the Newington Heritage Society, Inc., Give me a call or email.

  2. neatnik2009

    I lived in Newington with my family in 1979-1980. My father was the pastor of North Newington Baptist Church, the pastorium of which was next to the parsonage of Newington UMC. The UM pastor was instrumental in my father’s switch to that denomination. So my theological formation was in the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition. I have built on this, converting to The Episcopal Church and the Anglican roots of Methodism. Upon my 1991 confirmation in The Episcopal Church, I joked that I had gone onto perfection. (People well-versed in Methodist theology should appreciate and grasp the humor.)

  3. linda sims

    my dear mother lived next-door to this church for twenty years,it is still a very active church and although the house is gone and mother passed away last year this picture brought me back to a lot of wonderful memories,especially when songs were played on the churches bells.Thank you for this posting.


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