Burnam Electric, Circa 1944, Cordele

Edith Ann Burnam Maletsky writes: The Hotpoint building contained Burnam Electric which was founded by my Daddy, John Henry Leonard Burnam aka “FumDiddy” c. 1943-44.  He contracted electrical work all over South Georgia, Alabama and North Florida.  One of the jobs he was most proud of was the Crisp County Hospital in the early 1950’s. and the first modern hospital in town, but he also “wired” many other buildings there..  He had the Hotpoint franchise for a large area of South Georgia, a lighting franchise, and a repair shop for small appliances, all housed in that building. The front room of the building was a showroom for Hotpoint appliances and a ceiling lighting display. The rear of the building housed his warehouse and workshop, and he often collected charitable donations there as well…..for example, the Masonic charity of Thanksgiving and Christmas, boxes for needy families were stored there for later delivery. He was very successful, and had a lot of government contracts post-War,  grew too large for this building and later built a larger shop elsewhere. That Hotpoint sign represents my Daddy’s dreams, his blood, sweat and tears….and it gave me a college education.

Cordele Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Burnam Electric, Circa 1944, Cordele

  1. Fran

    Regarding the Hotpoint building & the daughter’s story: that was a lovely and appreciated share. I grew up going to Georgia to visit family and continue to take my family every year because I LOVE Georgia. I also love old Hotpoint ads and have dreamed of owning one. I finally bought a new stove with a vintage look so I pretend. I really appreciate this website because I live my life in the past, trying to see where they lived, what was available… Take care.

    1. edith maletsky maletsky

      hey Fran thanks so much for your kindness i am the daughter who wrote
      the tribute to my Daddy one of the sweetest men in the world


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