Williams Grocery, Bridgeboro

Mike Ley, via Mrs. Mary Elleen Willis Ley, writes that this was once known as Hollingsworth General Store, owned by Henry and Minnie Hollingsworth. In 2011, David Chatman wrote: At one time this was “Williams Grocery”, owned by my Grandfather, Mr. Seth Williams. With certain daylight shining on the bricks just above the tin “patio” cover, the “Williams Grocery” name is still legible. I have a photo of my Grandfather standing in front of this store all dressed in his finest white shirt, a tie, the inevitable Fedora of the time, with the lettering shining brilliantly. Stories within the family are that his Dad owned many acres of land just east of this store towards what is now Doerun, Ga. I imagine more people may know it as Williams Grocery.


3 thoughts on “Williams Grocery, Bridgeboro

  1. Gigi

    Hollingsworth. Good memories of cold drinks floating in icy water. I was a small child spending summers with my grandmother – and a Sunbeam at Wade Baptist church. Hollingsworth carried big salt licks for the white-faced cattle in fields around there, and these always fascinated me because they were different colors. Greetings to all who remember it. You seem in some way like family.

  2. drtrd Post author

    Thanks so much for the information, Mike, and thank Mrs. Ley for me as well… I’ve been searching for the name of this store forever!

  3. Mike Ley

    This was the Hollingsworth General Store . The owners were Henry and Minnie Hollingsworth. This information comes from Mary Ellen Willis Ley who was born in Bridgeboro December 18, 1923.


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