Talley House, Ohoopee

This is a Georgian Cottage [as evident in the second photograph] with Folk Victorian decorative details.

4 thoughts on “Talley House, Ohoopee

  1. Ashley

    Hello, I was happy to see these pictures when I googled Ohoopee, Georgia. The “Folk Victorian House” is owned by my parents. I lived in that home as a child (I am now 37) and loved the memories there. My Grandpa’s home is across the street and railroad track named “Queen Anne’s Home”. He since passed away and my uncle lives there. Talley is our last name. In fact the road in front of the “Queen Anne home” Is named Will Talley Road which would be my great grandfather. Thank you for taking the photos and bringing me back to my roots! 🙂

  2. William H. Whatley

    i am also a retired Architect and enjoy your posts. I had never heard of your term ” PEN” when describing a structure. It appears that at the age of 92 I can still learn something new. Being from Middle GA I love your posts. I wish I had time and money to visit ALL of them. Bill

  3. cipyronquillo

    Hi there, just wanna let you know that your website is quite a jewel for anyone who fancies vernacular architecture and for those who are into historical preservation. Just wanna ask if you also gather further information regarding the pictures that you post? Thanks


    1. drtrd Post author

      I gather as much information as possible; sometimes local folk will tell me what I need to know, and sometimes their histories seem lost forever. The great thing about Vanishing South Georgia and its design is that people comment and often give me the information in the process. I’m especially glad that you enjoy the images, being an architect…I will send you an email later today.


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