Folkston Grammar School, 1926

This school, a landmark of the use of Craftsman architecture in public buildings, is one of the nicest of its type in Georgia. After falling into disrepair, it was restored by and is now part of Okefenokee Technical College.


4 thoughts on “Folkston Grammar School, 1926

  1. Oscar Fowler

    Fond memories of ‘RichCliff’. Routine early morning ‘staff meeting’ for several foresters working for Union Bag/Union-Camp ‘Okefenokee Forest’ office in the early/mid 1960’s.

  2. David Dinkins

    I went to school that building. The corner room on the left was my third grade classroom. The corner room on the far right was my first grade classroom. Outside the frame is the corner of my fourth grade classroom. I was rounding that corner heading out to recess when someone yelled out the window that President Kennedy had been shot.

  3. Tabitha Ryan-Woodruff

    I grew up in Folkston, and have been to functions in the auditorium on these grounds. I am thankful that the properties were taken over and put into use by Okefenokee Tech. I was sad to watch the structures disintigrate.


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