Gold House Restaurant, Nahunta

nahunta ga gold house restaurant photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

9 thoughts on “Gold House Restaurant, Nahunta

  1. Emily Millington

    We will miss Norma Davis but always remember her contagious smile and dining with her here at Gold House a few months ago. Great experience to carry in our hearts and as we continue to dine here. Married to her great uncle brings more love into my heart knowing Norma and learning of this place.

  2. Jerry Levy

    When did the Gold House Restaurant go out of business? I took US 301 to Florida in the late 1970s and it was still going strong then.

  3. Judy Altman

    My sister and I lived in Nahunta, Ga. in the early 70’s and worked at the Gold House Restaurant. It is truly one of the most memorable times in my journey of life. Thanks for sharing this picture, and the glimpse of a special memory almost forgotten. God bless!!

    1. Stan Siegel

      Then the two of you worked with my grandparents, Mary and Joe Siegel! I spent many summers at the Gold House Motor Lodge and ate most of my lunches there at the restaurant. Ruby was the cook and my goodness, could she cook! 🙂


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