McDonald House, 1914, Folkston

Built by Folkston’s first mayor, Benjamin Griffin McDonald, this structure served as a home, hotel, and store.


4 thoughts on “McDonald House, 1914, Folkston

  1. Sharon Thomas May 10th 2019 10:24 PMZ

    My parents were married in Folkston Georgia after leaving Jacksonville Naval Air Station 1945 they spent their honeymoon at the McDonald House room 19?.. they took me there when I was young to show me the very same hotel room they had slept in on their honeymoon….then my dad had a 1955 blue and white Chevy when we went there he wanted me to see where they spent their honeymoon they said they were crazy in love and I believe it.

  2. T.C.

    In 1959 there was a ladies dress shop in part of the downstairs. My father had to park there while he shopped across the street. My two brothers and I, ages 7, 9, and 12, watched as a young lady completely undressed, then dressed, a mannequin in the front window. She was dying of embarrassment!

  3. Tabitha Ryan-Woodruff

    … back when I was a young lady, about the age of 17 so that would be in 1985, the bottom half of the structure was the local feed & seed store (which is now in a different structure nearby). The top floor had very large rooms which were rented out – I lived in the top left one which had balcony windows. The two rooms in the front were single rooms no plumbing but did have a refridgerator, to the back of the building were rentals that consisted of two rooms – one of which would have a small stove and a kitchen like sink and fridge (I moved into one of these larger ones when I married at age 18).. none of the units and bathrooms in the rentals. There were two full size bathroom with deep iron clawfoot tubs that were accessed from the hallways, which also had the doors which opened onto the balcony. I loved the wood trimwork of the building…

    1. Phil Lott

      My wife and I purchased the property about twelve years ago and have been renovating since. We have had a couple of set backs due to inept contractors and faulty materials. The units that Tabitha describes still exist but there are now four apartments upstairs each with their own bath. One of the clawfoot tubs still exist but is not in use.


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