Atlantic Coast Line Depot, 1892, Folkston

Built in the typical style of Atlantic Coast Line Railroad depots of the era, this landmark has served since 1965 as a local museum and visitors center.

With a nice collection and presentation of railroad memorabilia, the Railroad Transportation Museum inside the old Folkston Depot is a great place to visit, and it’s free, though donations are accepted. Here you can pick up the informative booklet, “Folkston Then and Now”, which details area historic sites. From here it’s just a short walk down the tracks  to the Folkston Funnel Train Viewing Platform, which attracts thousands of railfans each year. About 65 trains come through the town each day.



3 thoughts on “Atlantic Coast Line Depot, 1892, Folkston

  1. pine & palmetto

    I go to the depot every Train Watch Day(April), and again for the Okefenokee Festival(Oct).

    I love your website-takes me back.


  2. dot

    I spent a few hours at the Folkston Funnel a few years ago. Not as many trains going through as I thought but I could have been there at the wrong time of day. It actually got a little boring.


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