Neil G. Wade General Store, 1915, Winokur

Carolyn DeLoach writes: The building identified as an abandoned bank in Winokur was in fact the Neil G. Wade general store. Of course, nowadays folks think it is either an old jail or abandoned bank because of the bars in the windows. N.G. Wade operated an extensive naval stores/lumber mill next to the depot in the early 1900s. The bars were to keep hobos from helping themselves to the store inventory, especially during the Depression.


8 thoughts on “Neil G. Wade General Store, 1915, Winokur

  1. Charles Howell

    My 5th great grandfather, Alexander Crews Sr, settled there with his first wife Ivy Dubois. They were from Charleston, S.C. He is the progenitor of the large Crews family that lives around that portion of the state. He is buried nearby in Buffalo Swamp with his second wife Lucy Dubois.

    1. Brenda Chandler Brubeck

      We must be cousin because Alexander Crews is my ancestor also.
      And a first cousin has lived on Crews Community Road for years.
      I am Brenda Chandler Brubeck in northeast Florida.

  2. Jerry Levy

    Was Winokur a stop off point for Florida bound tourists? It seems like it might have been the main industry before I-95 opened at the end of the 1970s.

  3. john wayne mcrae

    The parapet wall caps, made usually of local clay, were stamped with the makers name and location of manufacture.


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