Scarlet Wild Basil, Emanuel County

scarlet wild basil clinopodium coccineum ohoopee dunes emanuel county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

Scarlet Wild Basil (Clinopodium coccineum) is one of the emblematic species of the Ohoopee Dunes, flourishing throughout much of the area.

4 thoughts on “Scarlet Wild Basil, Emanuel County

  1. Jim Rodgers

    I have loved this native small shrub since first site back in the 70’s. I have grown is for nearly that long. For your info please do not collect wild plants becuase than do not transplant well AT ALL!!!!! Seed are the better option. Look for them to ripen within 6-8 weeks from bulk flowering in spring. Sow them outdoors where you want them to grow. Just remember this delightful shrub desires fast draining soils in as much sun as possible.This flowers nearly all summer, but shows off best it mid to late spring with a almost solid mass flowers in full sun that covers this shrubs making it reddish Orange for two three weeks. Occasionally a amber, yellow or rarely white flower plants can be found. In the case of a particular color desire one must take cuttings only and clone the plant through rooting. The cutting root easily. When you plant them out from pots do not disturb the root system AT ALL. Once their planted do not water and I mean EVER. Each plant will live for about 3-5 years on average. If you have favorable soil conditions the will freely reseed natural. I am now developing Native Plant Oasis Botanical Garden in Fayetteville,Ga. Where we propagate this specie sand others protecting and preserving them from the Ecologically Ignorant Masses. They should start to flower here around April 1st.

    Much success with saving the plant from Homo sapiens.

    1. Lawrence Green

      Thank you for the growing and cultivation info. I recently acquired two plants and I need all the help I can find.

  2. Martha

    Ya know, when I was growing up down there on the Hoopee, my Granny Maggie called this stuff “rosemary” — thanks for setting my straight!


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