Cordele Recreation Parlor, 1939

The “Pool Room” opened in 1939, and features marble floors. It is a landmark not only in Cordele, but a treasure for all of Georgia. Thanks to Melvin Wright for pointing out that there was no image of the “pool room” on Vanishing South Georgia. I can’t believe I forgot to post it, but here it is.

A fire on 6 January 2018 did extensive damage to the interior of the pool room but the owners have stated they will be repairing and reopening in about six months.


26 thoughts on “Cordele Recreation Parlor, 1939

  1. Joey Daniels

    My family owned Roobins, I remember going to work with my grandfather and begging to go across the street to the pool room. The smell would stay with you all day. I visited Cordele back in October, the first place i went was the Pool room. Thanks Melvin.

  2. Fred

    Phew!! It is, I believe, the only business still operating in downtown Cordele that was there when I was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s. Both banks, Roobins, and every pharmacy long gone but the pool room lives on – 77 years.

  3. Jane Browning

    I grew up in and around Cordele.I moved away in the early 80’s…but the pooll room was one of those places that I thought would be a permanent fixture…can’ tbelieve it isn’t there anymore.

  4. Kane Nipper

    Thank you for posting this. It’s a very important piece of family history for me. For those of you who remember when the Nippers had the pool room 🙂

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    1. rita layfield

      That is so true. Love me some scambles dogs all the way, add spme cheese on top and the bottled cke and you good to go.

  6. Louise D. Alexander

    My sister, Mary DeVane Barrett, and I, Louise DeVane Alexander, were originally from Cordele. We toured Cordele in September and ate hot dogs at the Pool Room. They aren’t quite as good as they were in the 50’s.

    1. Bob

      I was eating hot dogs at the pool room in the late forties as a boy. They were 15 cents each then, and delicious. Mr. Barrett owned it then. I believe the building was previously either a drug store, or a barber shop. Maybe both. The recipe has been handed down several times over the years, and is not quite as tasty as it once was. However, there is a place about 15 miles east, in Rochelle, that still uses the original recipe, and the hygiene is up to par.

  7. Nancy Holland

    This place is/was just about the coolest, most authentic, place I have ever been in. The food was great, and unbelievably cheap. Sadly, I heard that it had closed. I sure do hope not. Does anyone know for sure? Long live the Scrambled Dog, I hope!

    1. Lee Lucas

      Nancy: The “Pool Room” is still open, still serving some of the best chili dogs around. My sisters father-in-law, Cecil Davidson, worked there for over 50 years. As I understand it, the chili is pretty much still the same recipe…it is the hot dogs that have changed and subsequently, that affected the distinct flavor of the dawg. The Scrambled Dog is also alive and well.

      1. Randy Bridges

        Hi. I am the current owner. We believe the success of the business is its orginality. We work very hard to insure that the original receipts are kept in tact. Thank you so much for eating with us.

  8. Fred Gleaton

    While the Varsity is Georgia’s most famous hot dog joint, there are others, like “Nu-Way Weiners” in Macon and, of course, the pool room in Cordele. The pool room was once mentioned in a story in the New York TImes, believe it or not.

    By the way, is that Melvin from Warwick up above?

  9. Melvin Wright

    That’s the place!!! Thanks! I didn’t think I had seen it. The mural is a relatively recent addition nearby I think.


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