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The Famous Get-A-Way, Zebulon

Mississippi soaks up all the attention for juke joints, and rightfully so, but they were once common in Georgia, as well. When I was growing up, there were still a few around and I remember that the word juke fascinated me. Some contend the origin of the term is the African word juga, meaning bad or wicked. Others suggest it comes from juice, which referred to early electric guitars and those who played them.

The Famous Get-A-Way in Zebulon is one of the best examples of an authentic old-fashioned juke joint that I’ve come across. It also served as a pool hall and sold gas and perhaps sundries from time to time. I got the impression it meant a lot to this community and luckily, the owners have preserved it as a landmark. My guess is that it dates from the late 1930s to about 1950.

It obviously grew in popularity over the years, as evidenced by the addition of this green cinderblock wing.

It’s one of just a few surviving such places to be found in Georgia to my knowledge.

A blacked-out Coca-Cola sign identifies the place as the “Famous Get-a-way”.

The gas pumps were probably a later innovation of the business but indicate that it was a successful enterprise.

And if there were any question about the reputation of the place, this sign on the porch suggests that the owners didn’t suffer foolishness.

Juke joints were places of revelry and community but they were also usually operated in a very business-like manner.


Dub’s Place Disco, Hawkinstown

This is a pool hall and disco (juke joint), in the middle of the pinelands of Baker County.

Corner Pocket, Harrison

Harrison GA Washington County Corner Pocket Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

Rebel Yell Gameroom, Pearson

Pearson GA Atkinson County Downtown Storefronts Rebel Yell Gameroom Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Shea Browning identifies the buildings here as (L-R): Georgia Power, Tri-County Gas, Larry Welch Attorney at Law, and Haskins Hardware, though some are now vacant or have different tenants.


Cordele Recreation Parlor, 1939

Cordele Recreation Parlor Billiards Neon Sign Game Room Americana Landmark GA Crisp County Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

See more comments and a night view, here.

Cordele Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Fitzgerald Recreation Center


A Fitzgerald landmark for decades, this old-fashioned pool hall serves the best hamburgers in town. And to locals, it’s simply “the Pool Hall”.


Its pink Vitrolite facade is an interesting architectural feature, representative of Mid-Century design.


Moore Trading Company & Billiard Hall, Register


Though not evident in these photographs, Register is actually showing signs of revival, especially in the well-repaired and maintained historic houses that make up the small core of the town. Almost two years ago, a man out riding around with his young son told me about the history of the town and suggested that he had moved here with his family to get away from the sprawl of Statesboro. He maintained that it’s a close-knit community.


As of 2018, these structures have been demolished.

Cordele Recreation Parlor, 1939

cordele recreation parlor pool hall photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

The “Pool Room” opened in 1939, and features marble floors. It is a landmark not only in Cordele, but a treasure for all of Georgia. Thanks to Melvin Wright for pointing out that there was no image of the “pool room” on Vanishing South Georgia. I can’t believe I forgot to post it, but here it is.

A fire on 6 January 2018 did extensive damage to the interior of the pool room but the owners have stated they will be repairing and reopening in about six months.