South Georgia Timber Company, Folkston

Mr. Randy Nance writes that his structure was built in 1925 and served from that time until 1969 as the Tyson General Merchandise Store. He maintains a wonderful collection of antique bottles, forestry tools, and turpentine ephemera in the storefront.

People like Mr. Nance are curators of a vanishing culture. He has preserved the integrity of the building and it remains an important part of downtown Folkston.


3 thoughts on “South Georgia Timber Company, Folkston

  1. W. R. Nance, owner South Georgia Timber Co, Inc.

    I enjoyed the photos very much. My Father bought this building from Mr. John S. Tyson in 1968 and we converted it into our office that same year. The original store shelves are still in the building. We just built the office around them because we didn’t want to destroy them. The artifacts in the windows are things that I have picked up in the woods over the last 45 years and put there for people to enjoy. The turpentine tools were my Grandfather’s from the 1930’s. Thanks. Randy Nance

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks, Randy. You’ve done a great service by preserving these items; the history of timber and turpentine IS the history of South Georgia, more even than agriculture, I believe. It’s a shame most people today know nothing about it.

      1. W. R. Nance, owner South Georgia Timber Co, Inc.

        Anytime you are in the Folkston area please feel free to stop at the office. I would like to meet you and show you some of the things I have inside the office.
        Randy Nance

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