Tyson’s Store, Chula

Thanks to Johnny Bradford for the identification.


8 thoughts on “Tyson’s Store, Chula

  1. H. Pope Barfield

    Not Sumner’s Grocery . It was to the left tysons. I know because I worked there for Marcus and Nellie from the time I was eleven until I went into the Army.
    Pope Barfield

  2. Johnny Bradford

    This was not Marcus Sumner’s store. This store belonged to Mr. Tyson and Marcus’s Store was on the other side of the dirt road where Chula Peanut and Grain is now. I used to visit his store and the store you took pictures of my grandmother bought from Hourace Pearman. Her name was Jean Bradford and now my sister owns it. Also I own the cadillac which my grandfather bought in 1956 which is not abandoned. I just did not have a way to move it to my residence.

  3. Carlton Sumner

    “If this was Uncle Marcus’s store”, then I remember it very well. I remember getting a RC Cola out of the old machine where all the drinks stood up under a slot where you would slide them to a end box. When you inserted a coin ( my guess about a nickel) you could then lift the drink out. Uncle Marcus was a cousin of my grandfather, Elbert Sumner. My father was Ralph Sumner. I remember my visits were around 1950 to 1955.

  4. Steve waters

    Would love to no who owns the old bonanza antique store would like to purchase it or items in it I was born in sunsweet ga

  5. Kym Branch

    This was my Uncle “Cousin” Marcus’s store. I remember going with my “Papa” Horace Branch and eating at the counter 40 years ago!


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