Precinct House, Howell

howell ga precinct house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011


Author: Brian Brown

Brian Brown is a documentary photographer, author, and historian who lives in Coastal Georgia.

7 thoughts on “Precinct House, Howell”

  1. Brian,
    This building is definitely a voting house. I remember one that was identical or almost identical to this one. People in Jeff Davis County who lived in the Ocmulgee voting district voted there. The little white building sat vacant until election times, then it was active and served an important civic function. Communities that have this type voting house should conserve them as artifacts of a by-gone era. When a very small child, I thought the little building located in the Bingham Community was a small church. My daddy informed me of its true purpose.

  2. You are correct in identifying this as a voting precent house. I cast my votes for a long time. The voting was all moved to Statenville, and the area voting houses closed.

      1. Thanks drtrd. I grew up in Turner Co. Ga., but never heard of a precinct house, in my life……………..SAnn

  3. And, it’s almost identical to the one we still use across from the Frank Primitive Baptist Church, on the Frank Church Road (Irwin Co.).

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