Lyons Post Office, 1942

One of the later New Deal post offices built in Georgia, this is also one of the nicest, in my opinion. I’m astonished that this property isn’t listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The eagle sculpture above the entrance is by Sardinian sculptor Albino Manca, who came to the United States from Italy in 1938.

This is part of the terracotta relief sculpture Wild Duck and Deer, also the work of Manca.

Even the original Civil Service Bulletin Board is in excellent condition.

7 thoughts on “Lyons Post Office, 1942

  1. Karen Sumner

    I frequent this building at least twice a day during the work week. The only think it lacks is a handicapped entry. I actually did a summer internship in the offices below when Mr.Eston Daniels was the County Extension Agent. The Draft office was located down there also. Lyons is blessed with a wonderful Postmaster and a very knowledgeable staff. I enjoy all of your photos.

  2. Billy M Davis

    I’m from Toombs county but have been gone a decade and a half. I only get back to visit once or twice a year. These pictures take me back to my childhood in the 60’s. Thanks so much for sharing with an old Lyons Bulldog.

  3. tracy thompson

    I am fascinated by these pictures and love your website. As a journalist who has often found herself in the rural byways in search of a story, I share your love of these architectural forms and I’m glad to see someone keeping a record of their existence. Just as a note: –i know it’s not in your definition of “south georgia,” but college park, just outside atlanta, has a post office very similar to the lyons post office–the vestibule looks exactly the same–and it also has a wonderful WPA-era mural on one end depicting the laying of railroad track for (I believe) the Atlantic and Western Railroad which runs through town.


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