Little’s Drug Store, Richland

Thanks to Jimmy Bankston and Chip Jones for the identification.

Richland Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

4 thoughts on “Little’s Drug Store, Richland

  1. Jimmy Bankston

    I think that was Little ‘s Drug Store in Richland. I remember the fountain cokes from my childhood..

  2. Sherri

    What a wonderful combination of windows in doors – in both halves of the building (which seems to have a split personality!)

    1. drtrd Post author

      I agree, Sherri. This building always catches my eye when I’m in Richland. It’s a great little town, with a dedicated group of people working to ensure its survival. Most encouraging, these days…

  3. Chip

    That’s right, Brian. This was on of two pharmacies on Broad St. in Richland. I’m looking for someone to purchase the building and use it for a Mexican restaurant. Wouldn’t that be perfect here?


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