Shuman’s Grocery Pepsi Sign, Daniel

Located near the old Daniel Siding, an early railroad-designated place, this sign is a subtle reminder that US Highway 17 (The Coastal Highway) was a busy artery before the advent of Interstate 95.

Update: As of 2017, this sign has been removed.


2 thoughts on “Shuman’s Grocery Pepsi Sign, Daniel

  1. Sherri

    I used to love to travel U.S. 17 from Brunswick to Savannah – haven’t done the whole route in a long time. There used to be more to see than there is now. Eulonia is a curious little place I find interesting. But best of all is crossing the Altamaha’s branches at Darien. I’m thankful to the highway department for leaving the old bridge in place.

    1. drtrd Post author

      I agree, Sherri. I wish I’d been out with the camera years ago, as I can tell much of what once beckoned travelers on 17 is already lost. Have you visited the US17 Coastal Highway website? My friend Pam Morris does an excellent job with it…


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