Hotel Hawkinsville, 1908

Originally built as an office building by J. L. Huggins, that venture was not a success. It was remodeled for use as a hotel in 1920 and christened the New Pulaski Hotel. It changed hands in 1946 and was renamed the Hotel Hawkinsville.


1 thought on “Hotel Hawkinsville, 1908

  1. Wade johnson

    I am a long time Hawkinsville Pulaski County resident, and every time I run into an old school friend who has long since moved away say the same thing.. About how Hawkinsville has just Faded away unlike many towns around us…I mean even Cochran has grown, it’s even getting a WAL- Mart!!! Hawkinsville has gotten NOTHING and this I think is due to the fact of one certain group of business owners who simply WILL NOT ALLOW other business to come into the City or county!! Just think about it!! Only ONE GROCERY STORE, ONLY ONE CAR LOT!! If this doesn’t stop, Hawkinsville is going to be a real GHOST TOWN!!! How do you sell cars in a ghost town??


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