Old Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Circa 1884, Dooly County

Located between Unadilla and Pinehurst, this tiny vernacular chapel sits at the rear of a pecan orchard and in front of a cotton field. There’s a cemetery beside it, as well as wooden dinner-on-the-grounds tables. This congregation apparently still meets the third Sunday of each month.


4 thoughts on “Old Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Circa 1884, Dooly County

  1. Anne Goforth Bailey

    I love riding down Hwy 41 when I am in Dooly County and seeing this old church…been riding up and down Hwy 41 “forever”. Love seeing those cotton fields also.

  2. Martha Dillard

    I went by this little Church this past Friday on my way to Juliette Ga. I got
    pictures. I mother’s father and his family came from Dooly county. Their
    name was Coker if anyone has any info on this family I would be most
    grateful if you would contact me. I have had a hard time finding the older
    generation of this family. The names are; Perry Frank Coker and Henrietta
    Mayo Coker.

  3. karen brown

    My grandfather came from Dooly County Georgia…his name was james jefferson brown, his father was hansel doss brown and we think that his grandfather was spencer brown (wife luraney:?)…can anybody help me locate relatives, etc…or more family history of this side of my family???

  4. connie raper

    This small church is near where my parents lived many years ago. At one time near the church was a dogwood tree that would bloom either white or pink, not sure it is still there.


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