McNatt Falls, Toombs County

McNatt Falls is an area along the Altamaha featuring numerous fishing cabins, mostly second homes, characterized by their elevation on stilts to protect from flooding.

While many of the structures are recycled mobile homes, many newer, more modern cabins are being built.

 Water is usually at dock level here, but the 2011 drought has had a major impact on water levels on the Altamaha.

2 thoughts on “McNatt Falls, Toombs County

  1. Jesse Bookhardt

    Brian these river shots are interesting and speak of a certain culture and life style. My only hope is that these structures and others like them have proper sewage treatment provisions. I read about the problems that they are having at Lake Weiss in Alabama and shutter at the possibility of the same thing happening to our waters here in Georgia. The Altamaha is one of the least polluted rivers in Georgia but not pure. Let us keep it as prestine as possible.


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