Old Campground Cemetery, Toombs County

The historical marker placed by the General Robert Toombs Camp, SCV, outlines the importance of this cemetery, especially its location as the final resting place of a member of the “Immortal Six Hundred”: Founded Circa 1820 as a meeting place for circuit riding ministers, Old Campground added a cemetery in 1853. It contains some of the oldest graves in Toombs County. There are three Confederate veterans buried here, including Lt. Gordon K. Fort, 24th Bn. Georgia Cavalry one of the “Immortal 600.”

During the War for Southern Independence, (1861-1865), the U. S. Army selected 600 captured Confederate officers, including Lt. Fort, for retaliation against the South. In one of the most heinous acts of vengeance in American history, they were starved, maltreated, and used as human shields. Because of their courage and perseverance, they became known as the “Immortal 600.” Also buried here are Lt. Robert Stripling, 61st Rgt. and Pvt. Benjamin Stripling of the 47th Regt. Georgia Infantry, CSA.

The cemetery is 1/4 mile south of this location.



3 thoughts on “Old Campground Cemetery, Toombs County

  1. Sandra Elder

    It’s me again…as above. Where is this marker located what highway? And can you give directions to the cemetery?

  2. Sandra Elder

    According to our family records, our ancestor, John Pearson, who had a saw mill in what was then Tattnall Co, is buried in the Old Campground in Toombs Co. Can you tell me if any headstones are still there and legible? I’d like to stop by there and pay honor to his memory and take some pictures. Thank you, Sandra Elder mimolou@aol.com


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