Fisherman’s Cottage, McIntosh County

1 thought on “Fisherman’s Cottage, McIntosh County

  1. Belleville

    This home was originally a barracks at Fort Stewart military based in Hinesville, Ga. After serving as a barracks it was moved to this lot in Belleville. The prior owner of this home (“Mr. Glenn”) then more than doubled the square feet by adding multiple rooms. He, his wife, and dog (Lucky) made this old house their home. However When “Mr. Glenn’s wife passed both he and lucky became extremely lonely. To pass time he would run wires “all over” there were power outlets and lights in every tree on the property. (he was NOT and electrician!) After battling depression for many years “Mr. Glenn did the unthinkable…he called 911 (which was still new to the area at this time) and said,” send the coroner as he killed himself. A neighbor (recalling the events of that day) said, “One minute I was watching “TV,” heard a gunshot (which was very normal for this area in at that time), and the next police were everywhere.” After some time had passed the home was sold to a young local couple. They had a blended family consisting of 3 young boys who loved those nice big bedrooms and huge yard. However the couple’s marriage did not last. The father and his biological were the only ones living there. They lived her for 12 years until terror struck this house again. (Thankfully nobody was home) Just days after hurricane Irma hit an electrical fire broke out, a neighbor was driving home from a local grocery store and noticed smoke raging out of the house. She immediately dialed 911 but it was to, late the fire was to big and powerful it has already destroyed this family home. All those wonderful family memories…over 70 years of memories, lost in a “blind of an eye.” According to fire fighters the believed cause was dear sweat “Mr. Glenn’s” electrical changes. This home is now being demolished and a new house will be built on the existing property.


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