Fogle-Shockley Hotel, 1886, Alapaha

From the Macon Telegraph, 24 March 1886:…a new hotel, two stories high, nicely fitted up and well kept.  Dr. J.A. Fogle, one of the most clever men you would meet in a week’s hard riding, is the proprietor, but his time is mostly devoted to an extensive practice and to his well stocked drug store.  The hotel is presided over by Mrs. Fogle, a lady of refinement and most pleasant manner, ably assisted by her sister, Miss Fannie Leonard. The table is bountifully supplied with tempting fare, the sleeping apartments are models of cleanliness and comfort, and the attention to guests is prompt and courteous.  The commercial tourists are fond in their praise of it, and you know they are, generally speaking, a difficult set to please.

Alapaha native and author Cynthia Shearer (The Wonder Book of the Air; The Celestial Jukebox) related this to me in an email: Later it was the Shockely Hotel, and the last proprietor of it, Ida Shockley Creech, sold it to an artist. The artist’s wife still lives there, I believe. I grew up in Alapaha, and ate many a Sunday dinner there…

This is now a private residence.


3 thoughts on “Fogle-Shockley Hotel, 1886, Alapaha

  1. Bud Stephens

    I grew up in Berrien County at Lucy Lake. I went to school at Alapaha Grade school. I remember the Tornado hitting down town.
    I do not remember the Shockley Hotel, could you tell me where it was located?

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