Sycamore United Methodist Church, 1938


A group of members of Prospect Methodist in Chamblee moved to South Georgia in 1907 and soon thereafter established this church. The first church was built in 1908, but was destroyed by wind in 1925.  The Bethel school served as the church home in the interim. The present structure was completed in 1938, under the leadership of Rev. E. J. Nottingham.

5 thoughts on “Sycamore United Methodist Church, 1938

  1. Carrie Myers

    I now serve as pastor of the Sycamore UMC. Still attending is a small group of folks who love Jesus and continue to serve!

  2. Jim Dominey

    Yes, we served this church from 1993 to 1997. It was my first appointment as a pastor. I was just beginning my undergrad work. Many of the people are now gone but there is still a good group of loving folks there. The current pastor is Alan Miller. Alan also serves as senior pastor of Ashburn UMC. I went back for a funeral about a month ago. Precious memories.

  3. jackd

    My brother Jim “Jimbo” Dominey was minister there a few years ago. I’ll have to share this with him.


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