Murray Hall House, Circa 1848, Toomsboro

This house was built by Murray Hall, who owned the iconic general store in Toomsboro. Thanks to Dwayne Ussery for the  historical background.


3 thoughts on “Murray Hall House, Circa 1848, Toomsboro

  1. Alice Holloway

    This town has not changed much from when our family visited in the 50’s and 60’s. My children and I went last year. My grandfather Thomas Fountain was born here. We always stayed with a cousin Charlie Thompson

  2. Dwayne Ussery

    This house belonged to Murray Hall…The same owner of the store you made mention of. It sits downtown at the intersection of Branan road and Main street behind Swampland opera that you also mentioned. It is in the exact same style as the Jackson house out Hwy 112 headed to Milledgeville. It was built I think 1848.


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